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Bold & Inventive Oil Painting Workshop

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Workshop PLUS Bonus Training

Module 1:

• Bio of the Instructor

• Course Overview
(built with busy people in mind)

Module 2:

• Artist Mindset & Time 

(stop being so hard on yourself
& finding time to paint)

• Supply List

• My Workspace

Module 3:

• What Makes A Good Still Life? 

(coming up with concepts, tips for
what to include, basic do’s & don’ts,
using color theory to help)

• Setting up The Still Life In Action

• Taking The Shot

• Editing With An App

• Cropping With Photoshop 

(Heather gives her secret for
great cropping)

Module 4:

• Underpainting 

(Benefits and reasoning behind
doing one)

• Drawing The Linework

(easy tips for perfect accuracy)

Module 5:

• Setting Up The Palette

• Color Mixing

(simple helps about how to mix
precise colors)

• Oil Painting Basics

(values, edges, contrast, how
and when to use medium)

• Direct-Method Painting Process

(the exact process Heather uses
to create her award-winning
paintings. Watch EVERY stroke she
makes to create her painting! 

Hours worth of content.)

• Adding Your Signature


• How To Varnish

• How To Frame Like A Pro

• Closing Thoughts

Course Curriculum

Are you frustrated with your oil paintings looking only "okay", slightly "fake", or not quite capturing your subject matter? Do you have a basic understanding of oil painting, but truly need help getting to the next level? Do you see other oil painters successfully creating professional-looking art and wish that you could, too?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above then this Bold & Inventive Oil Painting Workshop is for YOU!


By the end of this workshop, you will learn time-tested techniques that will dramatically improve the quality of your oil paintings. Your painting skills can go from "ho-hum" to quality if you are willing to invest the time to put what this course teaches into practice. You will witness first-hand how simple it is to professionally capture the true essence of your subject matter.

If you have been "spinning your wheels" trying to improve, unsuccessfully—don’t give up hope! You owe it to yourself to enroll in this Bold & Inventive Oil Painting Workshop, and finally, get the knowledge you need to create better and sellable art.


In this course, not only will you get hours of front-row seat painting, but you will get EVERY step of how Heather Lynn Gibson creates her award-winning oil paintings. You will get a rare peek into her entire process from conceptual thought (What makes a great still-life?), her design process, setting up the still life, cropping, underpainting, drawing, all the way to her final paint application.


As an EXTRA BONUS, Heather will show you how to varnish and how to professionally frame your art. This course is a TOTAL and complete package. 


Now the question is, are you ready to commit & take this journey to improve your art?

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