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Love My Painting No Hassle 60 Day Return Guarantee

Love My Painting

I want you to love my paintings. So to alleviate any hesitation about buying one of my beloved paintings, over the internet/ without seeing it in person, I am offering you a 60 day, no hassle, no questions asked return guarantee.


When you buy one of my paintings and have it shipped to you, you have up to 60 days to enjoy it in your home. If you love the painting then we both know that you are the perfect match. But if you don't feel like the painting is right for you, simply contact my Studio within 60 days of the purchase. We will get the return shipping/insurance slip info to you. You must pack the painting back into its original shipping box, and mail it back. As long as the painting (and frame if applicable) is in the same pristine condition it was when you purchased it, you will receive  a full refund of the cost of the painting (minus original shipping costs.)


You can't go wrong. Go ahead and buy that painting... I'm positive that you will love it.


Love My Painting No hassle,
60 day return
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