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Original Oil Paintings 
By Heather Lynn Gibson

By choosing unique subject matter, unexpected point-of-view, and/or bold placement of elements on her canvas, Heather adds an inventive twist to each of her paintings. 

Latest News:

2023 American Women Artists juried Heather Lynn Gibson's painting "Yellow Means Go!" into their Museum Show, Brooklawn Gardens, NC.


2022 American Women Artists & Customs House Museum award Heather Lynn Gibson with Distinguished Achievement Award for Still Life for her painting, "Egg Noodles"

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Bold & Inventive Oil Painting Workshop

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What they are saying...

"...Beautiful, inventive painting—full of life, and a joy to see."

—Thomas W Schaller renown watercolorist

Judge of Plein Air Magazine's Salon


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Heather's art career started with Walt Disney's Animation Studio, Florida, and progressed to gain customers, such as Disney Design Group, Tyco Toys, and TD Bank.

Devoted to her painting, Heather utilizes her design expertise as she pours herself into her inventive oil paintings.

With Heather, customer satisfaction is key. Collectors have become Heather's biggest advocates, fans and friends.

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